Zoom on kitchen trends 2019

Zoom on 2019 kitchen trends

Kitchen decoration and decoration: what’s new in 2019?

The kitchen is not an innocuous room! We prepare good food, we find ourselves at the end of the day and we share moments, we can not be more friendly. So much so, that it is one of the most privileged pieces of the French in terms of decoration! Colors, materials, furnishings, lighting, furniture … What are the innovations that will make the kitchen trend for the year 2019? We tell you everything with our decor decoding!

The kitchen is adorned with colors

Even if the white remains a must, the kitchen will be colorful or will not be in 2019. And most of the colors that we find this new year are intense and deep. The nature green is without question, the most used in this season, as an invitation to make Mother Nature reign. But there is also a lot of blue duck and wine lees. Without forgetting warm and warm colors like the ocher yellow and the terracotta. Elegant colors or sunny colors, 2019 will lack character in the kitchen …

Suspensions are necessary

What’s more important than indoor lighting? The kitchen is no exception to the rule and must be well lit! And in 2019, it is the light suspensions that will illuminate the kitchen. Above the bar, the dining area or the worktop, they line up for maximum effect. The advantage of suspensions? There is something for every style! Filament bulbs for rough formwork lighting in an industrial style kitchen. Suspensions with extravagant dimensions in the most modern kitchens. And suspensions made of natural fibers for the most authentic kitchens …

The bench is a place of choice

It’s THE new must have in the kitchen! Indeed, the bench makes a shattering entrance to bring usability in this privileged room! We use it to create a cozy dining area where we choose the bench alternative around the table! We imagine it perfectly both in a kitchen spirit campaign as in a bohemian kitchen or even Nordic. In any case, multiply the cushions for comfort and add storage baskets underneath if space permits!

The canopy continues its ascent

Although they have been trendy for several seasons already, the canopies continue their apogee and still feel as much! In the kitchen, they are ideal for delineating spaces with the dining room or the dining area. It must be said, it has many advantages! Not only do they add cachet to the room but they also allow a free flow of light. And for those who want an ultra modern look, think of the walls made of ribbed glass!

Showcase furniture becomes lighthouse

With the trend of maximalist, storage opens and exposes itself to proudly display what they contain. Thus the showcase furniture as the dresser becomes a flagship element of the kitchen where we put in the eyes of all, its most beautiful dishes, boxes and jars! In addition to open furniture, shelves are multiplying offering more storage and visibility … What delight collectors and lovers of decorating style flea market!

Nature takes back its rights

It’s no secret that environmental issues continue to influence our daily lives. And in the kitchen, this translates into a desire to consume better. So what better than a kitchen garden to cook healthy? Grow aromatic herbs and some vegetables and put them on shelves or on a diverted scale for this purpose. And for those who do not have the green thumb, you still have the option of a smart home garden that does everything (including lighting system, float system for watering …) to your place !