Tips for creating a nice office area in bedroom

Tips for creating a nice office area in bedroom

You need an office area, but not the place other than in the room? With some tips and good tips, anything is possible. Open your eyes wide, we take stock of the reflexes to have to optimize your room with a corner office decor and functional at a time!

Choose the location of the office

Ideally, the desk area in a bedroom should be near the window , to enjoy maximum natural light. And avoid as much as possible to turn his back on him, so as not to receive the incoming sun directly on the computer screen! For the rest, it is moved away as much as possible from the bed, but it is placed near an electrical outlet, just not to pull cables throughout the room.

Define the space

To create a nook in a room with another use, the first reflex is to delimit the space. Clearly, separate the zone “sleep” from the zone “work”, even if they are side by side! In a large room, we consider a false partition: carrying, screen, trellis, separation shelf, mini-glass … In a small room, we put on the paint or wallpaper, with an accent wall, or even a geometric shape.

Harmonize the style

Delimit the space, yes, arrange a baroque office area in a minimalist room, no, under penalty of changing the function of the room. The workspace must remain discreet and thus integrate with the existing: we adapt the furniture, from the style to the color, to the decor of the bedroom . If the whole is gray mouse, no fluorescent yellow office corner!

Hanging the office corner

Creating a desk in a small room can seem like cluttering up the space. In this case, instead of space saving solutions! There are many desks to hang directly on the wall to leave the ground completely clear. Others may even fold back when they are not used, from folding boards to wall secretaries .

Storage is planned

For a functional office area , it is practical, depending on the configuration: shelves above the desk, a library next door, a storage block underneath, a service with wheels to move, a perforated wall chart …

Choosing the right seat for the office

On the office chair side, everything is about balance, and the balance is subtle … The right seat must combine comfort, style and practicality . A stool is only possible for short work sessions, otherwise the file is essential. On the other hand, we avoid the maxi armchairs in a small room, the wheels on a carpet or the chic boudoir armchair in an industrial decor!