The table linen gets a makeover!

The table linen gets a makeover!
The table linen gets a makeover!

Every day, it’s the same thing: you always come out the same plates, the same cutlery on the same table. And you’re tired. And if you give a boost to your table by changing table linens? A tablecloth that falls gently on each side, a table runner to catch the eye on a bouquet of flowers, placemats to protect and towels folded with style to impress your guests. All the ingredients are there to make you want to sit down! So, ready to savor our ideas?

A nice tablecloth

You want to protect your pretty table from possible disasters? Or on the contrary, your table is gray and you want to revitalize your dining area? The tablecloth is the accessory you need. The followers of countryside spirit can turn to a tablecloth with gingham or floral motifs. Striped and geometric prints will be perfect for more modern interiors. Finally, if you are more classic, prefer a plain tablecloth in the same colors as the rest of your decoration. And in terms of materials, we love the tablecloths in linen and cotton for their delicate touch that we never tire of. If you’re clumsy or have children, opt for polyester tablecloths, coated tablecloths or oilcloth. These materials in addition to being task-resistant.

Take out frames : it’s not because your table is round that you have to choose a tablecloth of the same shape. To modernize your table decor and add a little folly, do not hesitate to vary the shapes. A square or rectangular tablecloth may be suitable for a round table. In any case, we recommend you choose a tablecloth larger than your table to get a nice fallout. Count on average 30 cm on each side of the table.

Practical placemats

If you’re not fond of tablecloths, table mats are great alternatives. And to set a nice table, they can make all the difference. Once again, the choice of colors, shapes and patterns depends on your decorative style. From the table set in jute for authentic and rustic interiors to the sheet-shaped set for exotic tablecloths and the imitation marble model for trendy or geometric patterns for lovers of Nordic decoration … There is something for everyone tastes ! 

Our decorating tip: If you want to impress your guests with the best dishes, choose neutral and plain placemats. Conversely, dare the patterns and colors on your sets if your table service is rather traditional. You’ll understand, to avoid tastings, avoid printed in total look.

A modern table runner

Unlike the tablecloth, the path of the table is intended to beautify your table. Although it protects a minimum, it is mostly used to give character and play the audacious. Since it runs along the center, it catches the eye and emphasizes this part of the table. The perfect opportunity to take out all your favorite decorations: a bouquet of flowers in a vase, candles and lanterns … In terms of positioning, the table runner usually finds its place on the length of the table. And in this way, it always makes its most beautiful effect. However, nothing prevents you to think outside the box by accumulating two or three runners (depending on the dimensions) and positioning them on the width of the table.

As for the choice of model, we do not know where to give head in view of the amount of patterns and colors available. You can crack for a striped table runner that (like in mode) gives the impression of lengthening your table. If you are more bohemian in the soul, turn to table runners motley and flowery patterns whose ends form pompoms!

Washable napkins

Let it be said, paper towels are neither economical (since it must be redeemed for each use), nor ecological. And although they are practical, they are not as elegant as their competitors in fabric. That’s why we’re only going to talk about washable napkins. Whether rectangular or square, towels are the finishing touch of a pretty table. They are positioned on the plate for lunch and below the cutlery for dinner. As for the more special occasions, the towels find place in the glasses on foot. And as for the rest, it is not the choice that is lacking in terms of colors and patterns … 

Our decorating ideas: To impress your guests, you can have fun folding towels into original shapes. To find inspiration, (re) discover our article in which we give you several techniques (easy) folding towels . And if you do not want to bother you, nothing prevents you from folding them gently and wrapping them with a pretty ribbon. Add a mini bouquet of flowers that you just slip in the ribbon and voila!