Mistakes to avoid in Scandinavian deco

Mistakes to avoid in Scandinavian deco

The spirit of the Far North gives pride of place to wood and nature

If you want to wrap yourself in softness and warmth, adopt the charm of the North with Scandinavian deco. A cozy and ecological style that responds to specific codes. So do not be fooled, get around the traps!

Do not choose lambda furniture

Wood, one of the great features of the Scandinavian style which is an ode to nature, to the forest. A material that brings all its warmth and singularity to this trend. Choose solid wood furniture such as pine and birch that will have clean yet contemporary shapes. Design, functional, this Nordic furniture will also be light in color, because the other particularity of the Scandinavian style is the brightness. So, ban all the dark furniture and emphasize the blond hues.

Do not opt ​​for tiling

Always in the same logic as the furniture, bet on a light wooden floor that will complete the warm spirit of style and return a beautiful light. If you wish, you can push your mood into the bathroom by choosing paneled walls that will give your room of water the air of sauna.

Do not forget the decor

To emphasize your Scandinavian style, bet on large wooden tables, chairs in the same spirit. On emblematic decorative objects such as candlesticks, candles, wool carpets or skin. Cover your beds, your couch couches. Choose cushions with geometric or organic patterns and in vibrant colors such as green, yellow, red or brown. For your curtains, use transparency to keep all the brightness needed to enhance your room. A decoration that will warm and emphasize your style. Light is also one of the fundamental points of this trend, do not hesitate to decorate your pieces of street lamps, small lamps, and other bright spots that will emphasize all the singularity of your decor.

Do not adopt any color

To stay consistent with your style, respect its color codes that revolve around beige, white, brown but clear. You can opt, however, for warmer colors such as red or green for your textiles: duvet covers, sheets, tea towels, runners, tablecloths.