Mistakes to avoid in an industrial style decor

Mistakes to avoid in an industrial style decor

Do you want an industrial decor in your home but do not know how to do it? Before you start, know that there are some mistakes to avoid that we suggest you discover. A key: an industrial decor without false note!

Do not buy anything new

First of all, one must keep in mind the codes of the industrial style. From the New York lofts, old factories converted into housing, the industrial style is directly inspired by the great working-class era when the factories were running at full speed. Also, the industrial style requires a little authenticity. The idea is not only to buy new in the store but rather to get furniture straight out of the factories. So remember to hunt your furniture because it is in flea markets that you will find the most beautiful pieces to create an industrial style at home. This style favors the recovery by giving a new life to furniture whose initial utility no longer exists.

Do not neglect furniture

Whether you are buying or buying your furniture in the shop, you should know that not all industrial furniture is suitable for this style. At this time, each object must be strong and effective to withstand the many uses and harsh conditions of the factories with the motto of functionality. Also, you will have to choose simple and practical furniture like the furniture of trade. For storage , we prefer metal lockers, the table will be a large stall and lamps will be retractable. Each object must give the illusion of having already lived a first life in a factory to support the work of the workers.

Do not choose any material

Metal is the material of choice for all furniture and accessories. But for the furniture is more warm, you will find models combining wood and metal. The wooden furniture is also very rough and comes from the recovery of pallets or other objects. You will avoid plastic materials, lacquers or other fragile materials. 
On the ground, you can bet on concrete or choose a parquet in a rough finish.

Attention to colors

Wood, metal and concrete being the preferred materials of the industrial style, as well as the color is not a key element of this decoration. You will stay in tones oscillating between black, gray and beige. Nevertheless, if you want color, you can go to bright colors that could be found in the signboards of the factories. Red and yellow are welcome in touch. For example, you may opt for a red lamp or a piece of furniture with yellow inscriptions.