How to optimize storage in the kitchen

How to optimize storage in the kitchen

Because having dozens of spices, pasta, jams, it takes up space, let’s see how to optimize storage without harming our greed!

The jacks of the jar

In recent years, we see spreading an astronomical amount of boxes more beautiful than each other. For coffee, spaghetti, rice, lentils, tea bags, sweets … To your pots and jars, go to get rid of heterogeneous packaging and not very chic trade! The first advantage is that it is much easier to store boxes of the same size in a cupboard than to try a tetris with the sparse dimensions of the usual packaging. The second advantage is that we have much less desire to get everything in the closet, and we even imagine a small visible row of jars: the transparencies that host very colorful spices would really make pretty in terms of work, no? Or a kind of colorful picture in magnetic boxes?

The everyday becomes decoration

Before, homes often had a huge dresser that contained absolutely everything: the battery of pots, large dishes … Today these large buffets find their place in the apartments less easily: so what to do with its content? Show it, simply! The teapot, placed on a beautiful wall shelf, becomes decoration. The cups, in harmony with the colors of your kitchen, line up in suspension with small hooks. The knives are magnetized on the side of a piece of furniture, the practical utensils (cutlery with salad, spatulas, whip, …) form a colorful bouquet in a vase near the stove. Of course, this is another way to buy your accessories: they must be practical, pretty, and fittings with your decoration. But … Who’s in pity? In addition to the beautiful ideas are not lacking.

The cupboards did not say their last word!

As mentioned above, if we can not enlarge the closets, we can however reduce the spaces between the elements it contains, replacing commercial packaging with boxes easy to flush. But there are sometimes spaces between your storage furniture and the wall, and that’s a shame! Of course, we can slide the vacuum and brooms, but as it is not the most beautiful effect, it is not our plan A. The plan A, it is to slide a storage atypical dimensions! Shelves for kitchens or vases, a small trolley, a sliding cabinet, wine racks … And under your basement storage units, also think of the baseboard drawers! In addition, there are over-furniture that complements your existing kitchen items.

Interior layout

This sounds obvious, but what is most useful to you in your kitchen should also be the most accessible. In July, therefore, the raclette set back to the bottom of the cupboard, in favor of your collection of salad bowls. Behind your cabinet fronts, you prefer storage drawers, so you can pull them and easily access the items stored at the bottom. If you have to pile up, pile up, pans, dishes, but most of all you do not forget: what makes the least space lost is to have identified the best way to do it and not to (too much) let exceed. And the less space you have, the more ingenious tricks, magnetic bar, credence bar, corner cupboards, sliding doors … become your allies for a nice and tidy kitchen!

The layout of the space

For practical questions and daily, some amenities are essential: it is comfortable enough when the dishes do not store very far from the dishwasher, it is convenient to have a clear work plan when you take out something from the oven it’s not a coincidence that the bin is often under the sink, the glasses above, and if space is limited, we agree to change some habits often family: household products do not need to sit in the kitchen, the tools either, and …. Admit: would not you have a drawer just for the little bazaar?