How to dismantle a kitchen?

How to dismantle a kitchen

It’s time for big changes! You want to make a new kitchen , but here you have to disassemble the old one . It is better to prepare yourself to avoid damaging the walls or risking injury .

Here are some tips to help you properly disassemble your kitchen and accommodate a new structure . 

Disassemble your old kitchen: program your work

The most important thing is not to be alone. It takes two people to remove and retrieve the elements. In addition, allow enough time for work: count two good hours for an average kitchen. 

Remove all appliances and turn off electricity as water. You will be able to get to work without danger or risk of breakage. 

Then drop off the upper cabinets

Know that your cupboards are fixed between them and on the wall. Start by removing the hinges from the doors and store your items in a dedicated space. You can sell them, because there is a real opportunity market. 

Then unscrew the long screws that make the cupboards solid, then identify those that go into the wall. 

Determine who is holding the cupboard and removing the screws. It’s not about receiving an item on the foot! Depending on the material of your old kitchen, you will have to prepare for a variable weight. 

Plumbing: be very attentive

Before removing your faucets , disconnect the hot and cold water hoses, and cut the gasket. If you also want to remove the sink, simply unplug the drain hose and cut the gasket. Be careful, when you disconnect the pipes, there is often a little water: remember to bring basins to avoid dirt. 

Continue disassembly: remove the low elements

The caissons are usually fixed between them, just disconnect them. Sometimes the worktops are supported on it, so remember to keep the upper part and place a few blocks of wood not to tear it off. Once the lower elements are removed, pull or cut the gasket that goes around the worktop . 

Adding a kitchen without problems: the essential tools

To deposit your old kitchen, equip yourself with the following tools:  

Stepladder or ladder / Protective gloves / Flashlight / Straightener / Flat and cross screwdriver / Rust remover / Cutter / Hammer / Pliers / Adjustable wrench / Safety shoe or shelled.