How to choose kitchen furniture ?

How to choose kitchen furniture

To properly equip one’s kitchen is to choose ergonomic furniture that makes everyday life easier , while saving time in preparation. In addition to this functional aspect, kitchen furniture must be aesthetic , reflecting the soul of the inhabitants and giving character to the space. If the kitchens of the decor magazines, TV shows, pro renovations make you dream, but you are not sure how to choose the furniture so that they fit both your home and your needs , do not do not miss any future tips. Professionals in interior design, especially kitchens, accompany you in choosing your kitchen furniture.

Whether you are planning on remodeling an existing kitchen or designing a new kitchen project from scratch , the first thing to do is to identify your desires and habits. The kitchen is indeed a multipurpose room, where life is organized and where everyone spends a lot of their time. Once the needs and constraints related to the space identified, remains to choose the elements that will compose the future cuisine. The ergonomics , the ease of use and maintenance , and the optimization are the hallmarks of a successful kitchen . Cherry on the cake: take care of the aesthetics of furniture to better customize them.  

Step 1 To choose your kitchen furniture: define your needs

A fundamental step in the kitchen project, defining the list of its needs makes it possible to guide the choice of furniture that corresponds to the desired function and aesthetics. To choose well its kitchen furniture is above all to know what one wants to put in it. For this, “take the time to analyze in the current kitchen what is practical and what is not [will] better adapt the new kitchen to everyday life”. Ask yourself also about the intensity of the use that will be made of the kitchen: are you a big cook, or rather amateur? Is the kitchen a real piece of life or a simple place of preparation?  

The answers to these questions define the choice and quality of materials, but also interior design solutions . In this regard, we must “think well to organize the interior of furniture”: for example, for storage, favor furniture with doors; for everyday crockery and utensils , favor drawer cabinets.  

Finally, “it is important to take into account one’s personal tastes and to ask oneself what is the desired spirit”. This reflection orients the style of your kitchen: rather contemporary , refined, natural, rustic , etc … Do not hesitate to look for pictures of inspiration or better yet, to go directly to the store to be able to touch and look at the different products. The ideal is to be able to call on a professional, cook or interior designer, who will advise you in the choice of suitable furniture.  

Step 2 Determine the layout of the kitchen before choosing furniture

Before choosing your kitchen furniture, you must define your location in the space . In other words, to study the configuration and the surface of the room in which it will be destined to be. Indeed, “the size of the room, openings, water and electricity, will influence the layout and organization [of the kitchen]”. The layout adapts to the existing constraints, and the choice will therefore be rather a linear kitchen, U, L, the installation of a central island , etc … As far as possible, “linear kitchens with an island”. Kitchen open to the living room, “the island creates a line by hiding another, in this case the space preparation”, which makes the kitchen more aesthetic.  

Step 3 Choosing your kitchen furniture is like thinking about the activity triangle

Golden rule of an ergonomic and comfortable kitchen, the triangle of activity “corresponds to the shortest or easiest way between three essential poles: cooking (cooking), washing (sink, dishwasher) and the conservation (fridge, storage). The idea is to facilitate movement between these three points by intelligently installing his kitchen furniture. For normal sized kitchens, it is recommended to have 80 cm between the cooking zone and the washing point, 120 cm between two rows of furniture, and 90 cm between the furniture and a wall to access to appliances appliances. Finally, the space between the kitchen furniture and the table should be 90 cm to facilitate the transition. “dishwasher will be placed near the sink and the refrigerator at the end of the worktop”

Step 4 Choose your kitchen furniture to optimize space and make it functional

The dimensions of kitchen furniture count for much in the comfort of use of its inhabitants. If the standards exist, – height of worktop to 90 cm, depth to 65 cm for example, recalls that “these ratings must adapt to the people who occupy and work in this space” for make it ergonomic. For example, “the heights of the caissons are modifiable, the feet of varied heights, and the depth of the worktops [is free to vary]”. The importance of this tailor-made work which also adapts to so-called standard elements, of trade, – for example to work the facades made to measure. It specifies however that this is valid “in the case of simple arrangements, if it is too complicated, it is better to do everything”.