How to choose curtains for a bedroom?

How to choose curtains for a room

Choosing the curtains in your room is not easy! Aesthetic, they must also be functional, offering you excellent protection against noise, cold, or light. Our expert advice will guide you in choosing curtains for your bedroom.

Curtains that protect your privacy

The bedroom is not a room like the others! To preserve your privacy, put on curtains with a blackout curtain . You will thus oppose to prying eyes an insurmountable barrier! The choice of this type of curtains will be obvious. 
For a perfectly curtain, it is necessary:
– A heavy fabric 
– A tight mesh 
– An opaque material 
– Some reasons which oppose to the glance

Curtains that filter the light

The quality of your sleep depends on your exposure to light in the hour before bedtime! So be sure to put in your room curtains to reduce the ambient light. The wool offers, from this point of view, an excellent compromise. If her weave is tight enough, she will oppose the excess of light, without plunging your room into permanent darkness! A subdued atmosphere: that should help you sleep!

Anti-noise curtains

Do you live above an open shop at night? A busy traffic route passes close to your home? No doubt opt ​​for noise curtains! Specially designed to limit noise pollution, they reduce the ambient noise of a dozen decibels. Consisting of several layers joined to each other, the acoustic curtains effectively absorb the sound waves. What turn your room into a haven of peace!

Thermal curtains

The ideal temperature in a bedroom is around 20 ° C. So is the quality of your sleep! Choosing thermal curtains for your room can be a good idea. Their function is twofold: protect you from the cold in winter, and keep cool in summer. Equally efficient and much cheaper than air conditioning, they are like classic curtains. Three materials have excellent insulation properties: 

–  PVC 
– Wool 
– Polyethylene

And the aesthetics in all this?

Functional, the curtains of your room should not forget the aesthetics! Remember these well-known tips from interior designers:

  • Flashy curtains in a room with sober colors, to bring a touch of dynamism
  • Woolen curtains interacting with a velvet bed cover, for the play of materials
  • A first translucent white veil, punctuated by a second, more colorful curtain
  • A perfectly adjusted cut, to heal the finishes