10 trend inspirations for the kitchen design

Design kitchen: 10 trend inspirations

Kitchens as beautiful as the others!

Because they are ingenious, elegant, functional, timeless or even atypical, these 10 cuisines – regardless of their styles – all have one thing in common. They are resolutely design and trends. So, which one makes you dream the most?

Black is back

Timeless and timeless, black is the color of elegance par excellence! And this kitchen has understood. Walls with furniture, lighting and some utensils, black sets the tone and imposes its character in this modern kitchen. We love the combination of black with wood to add a little sweetness …

Immaculate and coppery

Sparkling. That’s how we could define this sublime cuisine. All dressed in white, it is illuminated in broad daylight thanks to the large bay window. But it shines especially thanks to the few coppery details like the hood, the stools, the lighting or even the closet handles. Details that make all the difference …

Gold power

Whether we like it or not, walleye never goes unnoticed. In this kitchen, he dresses with elegance and brilliance the central island. It is a sensation when it is associated with dark colors such as black or anthracite and when it is combined with wood, granite and other noble materials.

Elegantly raw

Do you like the design of lofts and other atypical interiors? Then you will love this great industrial style kitchen. Deco ideas to copy: integrate appliances in furniture, use a large shelf as a space separator, install light spots to illuminate and showcase the credence of the kitchen.

Bold layout

Ultra well thought out, this kitchen is almost as well equipped as that of a starred chef or a large restaurant. It consists of large storage units on each side of the walls and a central island designed around a partition. The arrangement is such that circulation in the room can only be facilitated!

Noble materials

Beyond being functional and innovative, a kitchen design is a kitchen that does not take a ride over time. And to design a timeless and sustainable kitchen, it is enough to bet on noble materials during its development. Marble worktop, parquet herringbone, brass seating … This kitchen is a beautiful example of timelessness!


As famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright put it: “Simplicity is the perfect harmony between the beautiful, the useful and the just …”. So many features that can be found in this kitchen with minimalist design. The deco tip to reproduce: extend the work plan along a wall to create a dining area without losing space!

Cubic and graphic

It’s not because a kitchen is so small that it can not be so much design! On the contrary, small spaces are full of ingenuity to be optimized to the maximum. Here, the kitchen is located in a corner of the room and is defined by the different floor coverings. The cubic central island and graphic shelves contribute to the dynamism of the room.

Urban and functional

To be design, a kitchen must be functional. In this kitchen urban spirit, the layout of the furniture is could not be more optimal. Beyond the layout and storage space, lighting fixtures also play an important role. We love the accumulation of wall sconces above the credence and suspensions above the central island.

Total pastel look

After the black, the white, the gold and the natural hues, place in the design and colorful kitchens! Deceive and upset codes by using the same color on walls and kitchen furniture. We, we set our sights on the pink powdery hue, a trendy color in 2019 …