8 ethnic decorative objects for a bohemian chic room!

8 ethnic decorative objects for a bohemian chic room!

What’s more relaxing than shades and natural materials? Bring an ethnic touch to your room is THE good idea decor. Headboard wicker or dresser patterned, we opt for strong but authentic pieces. And we dream bohemian chic!

Patterned cushions

Easy to find at a low price, the cushions are perfect to boost a bohemian decor without changing everything. Black-and-white ethnic patterns, rough textures or hand weaves are mixed and aligned without (too much) relying on a bed, chair or bench. See the whole thing.

Braided baskets

A must-have for decorating, woven baskets are everywhere, slip into every room and have an ultra-versatile use. In the bedroom, they are transformed into laundry baskets, storage boxes or plant pots for green plants. The most original can even be hung on the wall for an original ethnic decoration!

Wicker suspensions

A big one for the ceiling light or two walkers on each side of the bed? Each one his choice as long as the suspensions are rustic and wicker. Material-star trends, the wicker revisits the lights for the delight of the decor: in a room or a dining room, its soft hues and its craft look beautifully refine a bohemian ethnic theme.

Travel trunks

What’s more bohemian than travel trunks? To add a touch of folk to the room, recycle old vintage trunks or ethnic chests. Put at the foot of the bed, bedside table or simply decor, wicker, leather or rattan, they make us dream of countries far away and road-trips hectic!

A hammock

Not so easy to fit in a room, alright, but the hammock is THE ultimate ethnic piece for a cocooning, folk and bohemian vibe. Crocheted, woven, braided, it is chosen with a style assumed and fixed firmly to the ceiling swing way. It is filled with cushions to accentuate the effect, it’s done. In the absence of a hammock, by the way, the hanging chairs are just as boho chic!

Crocheted beanbags

With its artisanal look and its blanket aspect, the hook operates its big return in decoration. In a bohemian room, we opt for small formats in large mesh, round poufs to small wooden foot stools. They will serve as a footrest in the reading corner, sitting for children or to put his shoes in front of the closet!

A woven plaid

Striped, zigzag or checked, an ethnic plaid is transformed into a bedspread or decorates the top of a chair. Travel souvenirs can even be recycled into curtains, used as play mats or stretched on chopsticks to become a wall decoration … A multi functional plaid, as long as the grounds are ethnic!

A wall weave

Another decorative object that surfs the bohemian trend and decorates all interiors. This hand-woven is stretched on a piece of wood, woven on a craft or created in macrame. Monochrome or multicolored, it adds a note of softness to the walls of the room. The perfect ethnic complement to a folk dream catcher, it’s him, and the creative ones can even make it in DIY!